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Courses Taken

Year 2


Worked as part of a team to overhaul NSCC's outdated and paper-dependent work experience program. My role was that of Lead Security Developer (and some PHP).

Programming C#

A course in general .NET development, centred around C#.

PL/SQL Programming

Taught by a long-time (and Oracle-certified) industry veteran, this course introduced us to database programming through the lens of PL/SQL.

Intro to ABAP Development

Learned the basics of ABAP development, working with an IBM-supplied mainframe and very large datasets.

Data Structures

A theoretical course taught in C++ that involved learning and applying concepts such as lists, stacks, queues, sorting, trees, and recursion.

Advanced Object-Oriented Programming

A progression of Intro to OOP, this time taught in C#.

Mobile Application Development

Learned how to build and deploy an Android application with Android Studio.

Web Application Development

The LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Built several applications of varying complexities and levels of security.

Data-Driven Application Development

Focused on C#, ADO.NET, and Entity Framework.

Intro to C++

Learned how C++ is similar to languages like Java and C#, and also how it differs.

Professional Development

Soft skills for the IT professional - job searches, mock interviews, salary negotiation, and ethics.

Project Management

Learned about Scrum and Agile, as well as Waterfall. Produced a full set of technical design documents for NSCC's new co-op process website, such as a Work Breakdown Structure and a reporting template.

Year 1

Database Development I

A gentle introduction to the world of PL/SQL.

Intro to Hardware

If you are your company's "IT person", it will be assumed you know how to fix a computer when it breaks. This class teaches how.

Intro to Object-Oriented Programming

Taught in Java, but could have used any OOP language. We learned things like properties, methods, classes, inheritance, composition, getters/setters, abstraction, and polymorphism.

Operating Systems - Unix

Installation and configuration, plus sed/grep/awk/samba and all the other goodies a Unix-based OS comes with. We used Mint, Fedora, and Debian.

Human Relations

A class I would have taken now, except I had already taken it during my BComm as "Organizational Behaviour".

User Interface Design and Development

Graphic Design for nerds. We learned how to wireframe concepts, and do UX testing.

Systems Analysis and Design

All the paperwork you can handle - UML, Agile, etc.

Intro to Databases

Theory, queries, and reports, using Microsoft Access.

Intro to Programming

Variables, conditionals, loops, subroutines, arrays, and I/O, using VB.NET.

Intro to Networking

The OSI Model, and its applications in the world of networking.

Technical Communications

Memos, grammar, public speaking skills.

Technical Foundations

General power use of Windows and the Microsoft Office suite.

Web Development

Learned how to make this website.