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Work Samples

Front-End Development

My focus is back-end development, but I have done some front-end work: HTML5, CSS3, ES6, the usual suspects.


Here is the work I have done at NSCC thus far.

Razorwire Consulting

Prior to starting NSCC, I freelanced as a data analyst for two years. Here are some of my highlights.

Podcamp Halifax 2014

My favourite local tech conference. In 2014, after two years as a speaker, I spearheaded a data-driven overhaul of their scheduling process, with massive success.

Podcamp Halifax 2015

I returned as a speaker in 2015, with the talk "Painting WITH Numbers - An Intro to Data Analysis". It was very well received, you can find the video and slides here.

Data Science/Business Analytics

On my own time, I completed several Kaggle competitions, in order to learn how to apply algorithms in categorization, regression, and text analytics.