Stephen Smith

Hello! Welcome to my portfolio.


You're busy, I know this. If you'd like my résumé, I am happy to provide it in PDF format here.

About Steve

My background comes from both business and technology. I started out as a Bachelor of Commerce grad from Saint Mary's University, but my first job out of university was doing market research for a web design company. After that, I freelanced for a year and a half, gaining experience in client service, and figuring out what I liked most about technology.

Eventually, I realized I wanted to get some tech credentials, so I attended the Information Technology program at Nova Scotia Community College. It was a great experience, and I was happy to be named Valedictorian of my graduating class.

When I'm not in front of a computer, I like to cook (food science is fascinating to me) and watch sports (Let's go... favourite team of person reading this!)

Below, I've laid out some of my proudest accomplishments. I hope you enjoy them.

Speaking Samples

Painting With Numbers
An overview of data analysis, starting simple and gradually introducing more complex concepts.

Privacy Isn't Dead
An explanation of personal privacy tech for the layperson.

Potential Speaking Topics
I'm available to speak to your audience on a wide variety of technical topics. Please feel free to pick something from this PDF and email me about it.

Writing Samples

"We worked with Stephen to publish technical, test-focused articles for the company blog. He's communicative and thorough, he writes well, and he demonstrates expertise in our subject area. We look forward to collaborating on future projects!"
- Paul Reinheimer, Founder, WonderProxy

Professional Writers Association of Canada
I am proud to be a Professional Member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada, the country's largest association for professional non-fiction freelance writers.

Razorwire Consulting
I've worked with some really, really interesting clients during my time as a freelancer, and created a lot of content I'm really proud of.

Ingest SDK
My largest contribution to open-source to date, a full PHP SDK for the Ingest video platform. I also wrote the full documentation.

How To Speed Up Testing With Localized Servers
Nobody likes waiting for their tests to finish. I wrote this article to show people an easy way of speeding things up.

3 Great Patios on Canada's East Coast
Some of my fondest memories involve sun, friends, and a massive platter of nachos, so I wrote about a couple great local places.

The Secrets To University
My first published book, ISBN 9780981160641. I had a rough first year in university, and I wrote about it so hopefully others don't repeat my mistakes.

Approaching Web Security
While at REDspace, I wrote a blog post for the corporate blog about the basics of web security - SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, and the like.

The Adventures of Santamarian Steve
While in university, I was asked to write a blog about what it was like to attend Saint Mary's University from the student perspective. I think it turned out pretty well.

Recipe Database
Runs on Django 2.1 and Python 3.6, with a bit of Bootstrap for looks.

The data-driven scheduling overhaul I spearheaded for Podcamp Halifax
Don't you hate it when two talks you really want to see are at the same time? Or when a room is clearly too big or too small for the crowd the speaker draws? I did my best to solve that.

Recent Work

Viacom as REDspace Contractor

My first role at REDspace was for a specific project - Viacom (the parent company of MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, and several other media properties) was looking to consolidate several legacy WordPress blogs into the new unified WordPress platform they were currently using.

So that meant 16 blogs, 115k posts, and 2.2m pieces of metadata, all dispersed across multiple years, editorial patterns, and people. In the end, I created a custom ETL tool from scratch that extracted data from wherever it may have been, scrubbed it of any anachronisms preventing its smooth transition to the new system, and inserted it into a live site environment.

During the middle of the project we had some time to spare, and I implemented some code optimizations related to image transcoding that made the code run 18 times faster during the second half of migrations. The bottleneck became that their server simply couldn't write the new files fast enough.

In the end, they were so happy, our main Viacom contact in New York called a local vendor in Bedford, and had an enormous lunch for our entire team delivered to the office. That was a good day.


After the Viacom work was done, REDspace decided to keep me on for their own internal use. During the remainder of my time there, I was the founding member of their information security team, and the author of their secure development process guidelines.

I also helped the QA team get off the ground with automation, and wrote several glue scripts to do things like synchronize different internal HR systems that had no common interface.

My final bit of client work for them was creating an entire REST API from scratch, for a client who needed an inventory management system. This was a real learning experience for me, as it was the first time I'd really been embedded with front-end developers, learning about modern JavaScript and CSS. And they certainly appreciated the versatile, well-documented, secure API I created for their use.


At Proposify, I mostly worked behind the scenes. My first task was to de-duplicate a few million records in the production database, which I was able to accomplish rather efficiently. After that, I spent my time polishing the code that connected our product to third party services, as well as implementing and maintaining endpoints and documentation for our API.


One more time, with feeling: My résumé is available right here, and I would love to speak with you.

Have a great day!